Well I had a great morning on Saturday shopping for fabric and stuffs to get all our gear ready for coronation and I think that I have pretty much everything that I need apart from an as yet unknown length of white velvet ribbon for my french gown.

I had a 20% discount voucher at Fabric Vision so there I got all the lining material for the french gown and for the forepart / sleeves combo, plus enough black italian wool twill for Sigurd’s new pants and about 15 metres of cord to trim the slashes on the sleeves.

From there I crossed over to the Bernina shop where Emma sold me embroidery thread to make cord for my blue silk corset and for binding the slashes on the sleeves.

Finally I went to Kutwell where I got 6m of a gorgeous red boiled wool coating weight for our new cloaks. I think that I got over half the roll which hadn’t been cut into yet and they gave me a 20% discount too (which is fairly normal for them I think).

I proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend knee deep in the silk brocade shown at right and have finished the forepart. There was quite a bit left of both the brocade and the white silk satin – enough for another corset or something like that.