Going to Plan B

Well we got a quote from Placemakers for the house minus a few things and of course not including the actual builders. At first Nick was quite optimistic but I discovered that he had a rather inflated idea of how much we had to spend. Once that was corrected I suggested that he make a list of all the things that the Placemakers quote didn’t include and he rang me back about an hour later with the news that it was going over budget.

To be honest I wasn’t surprised and in fact am a little relieved. Its been feeling more and more like the project to build the ‘castle’ was taking over the ‘going rural’ plan and with the architect trying to dig more and more money out of us I have just had the feeling that things were going in the wrong direction. I really don’t want us to get into the situation where we’re mortgaged to the hilt and can’t afford even basic stuff and there’s a lot more stuff to be done on the farm even without the house. I’d rather have a simpler house and have the money to put up sheds, fences etc etc and maybe even get me a horse if I’m feeling better.

So now we’re going to try a couple of building companies around Chch (as we did about this time last year) and hopefully will be able to come up with a plan and time frame (not to mention cost) that’s not so open-ended. Here’s some that we might look at:

Looking forward to coronation (garb is coming along well) and our week holiday in Queenstown where Nick managed (after hours of phone calls) to use up our Air NZ dollars on 4 nights accomodation in a nice, although not as flash as last year’s, hotel. I’m hoping to go on at least one horse trek – a short one on my first day and if I’m up to it a longer one near the end of the week.

In other news our friends Duane and Ros are getting married this Saturday so that’s another nice thing to look forward to.