Sir Master Baron Siggy baby

Well coronation weekend has come and gone and everything went pretty well despite the fact that I was sick as a doggy with gastroenteritis the full week before and still a bit queasy on the weekend. But I managed to hold it together (mostly by doing very little). This meant that Nick had to make all of his own nibbles (a great many mushroom & cheese pastries). I’ll upload some photos to the Flickr account over the next week or you can check out the Southron Gaard Gallery online.

We’d been putting all house stuff on hold until after the coronation because we had a lot to do for Sigurd’s knighting but now its all on. We went and looked at a Fowler home that we’d liked the look of and I think that we’re both in agreement that with a few modifications, mostly to make some areas a bit bigger, that it will suit us well. The build price on the one that we looked at was around $270,000 and we have quite a bit more to spend than that so we should be able to invest in high quality fittings etc and still have enough money to build the sheds etc that we need. Best thing is that they’d be ready to move on building fairly rapidly so we can look forward to having the project move forward at a reasonable pace after such a long delay.

We met our architect last week and have come to a reasonable settlement so it will be a relief to have that all sorted. He seemed to be in quite a positive mood so it was less stressful than I had anticipated and was quite quick – so yay that.

We’ve had our first ‘new’ (as in not someone we knew somehow) enquiry about having Lad service a mare in this season so even though we’re doing quite a low price for this season that’s positive. I’m hoping to have the new website up sometime soon too so that might get us some interest.