Balmy mid-winter

It’s unseasonably warm today – not that that means anything. The house project is going along well. We met Nick of Fowler homes on Saturday to work out the essentials that we wanted – we’ve moved a few walls and upgraded some of the kitchen / bathroom stuff but that’s about all. Nick was keen to do the walls in stone but the cost was prohibitive – it would have added $64000 to the price so not worth it really. We are going with wood floors in a lot of it because its so practical, especially with pets etc, yet softer and warmer than tiles. Anyway we should see plans soon.

We’re away next week – going down to Queenstown. I don’t really have much on the agenda although I’m planning to do a 1 1/2 or 2 hour horse trek. It will be interesting to see how I hold up. I’m going to take some good books – a good opportunity to finish the Iain Banks sci-fi that I’ve been reading since Christmas. I find so little time to read these days, although I did read a bit last weekend. Without coronation looming I can choose my weekend activities a bit more myself now which is nice.

Nick had a good weekend I think – Dani had arranged for a western trainer from the north to come down and teach – $40 for an hour one on one which is an excellent deal i think. I was going to go and watch / help out but the weather in the morning was quite horrible. It cleared up later though and from what Nick said the session was really valuable and Suzie (Nick’s mum) is going to try to plan more through the Western Riding club that she’s now secretary for.

I also have finally put the new web site up: Thus far its just the business side of things – quarter horsey pages for Lad and Nick’s blade smithing work. I’ll put up all of my old costume etc stuff later but it needs a bit more work.

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  1. Hi, Mel here.I’m glad you are seeing some progress with the house. It must be a great relief.Hope you are having a great time in Queenstown!


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