New house, new horse, new shed

Well its been quite a week and I’ve been holding off making this posting in anticipation of the next big thing to be tied off. Anyway here it is, in the last week we have,

  1. Signed off on Nick’s new shed / workshop (which will also give us somewhere to store stuff between houses)
  2. Found a broodmare that we’re buying – to be picked up this weekend
  3. Signed the contract with Fowlers for the house

We went to see Lace (aka BAR W BAR CHEXS LIGHTNING), the mare, last weekend – her owner was originally intending to free lease her as a broodmare – she isn’t broken for riding at all and won’t be as there are some issues there. But she’s a very calm and very pretty, about 14.2 hh, chestnut quarter horse. Unregistered at this point but Nick spent Monday talking to the folks at the QH association and while it will cost us a little amount it shouldn’t be an issue to get her registered. She had a filly that was being weaned last weekend and she was very pretty too so I think she’ll produce lovely foals with Lad.

We’re also expecting Zoe’s foal any day now – she’s a bit later than we’d expected but that’s OK. We have champagne in the fridge and batteries in the camera.

As for the house we went and saw Nick the fowler’s guy on Tuesday to look at the final plan / costings – we’d budgeted $350,000 and it came in just below $340,000. That doesn’t include things like fencing, landscaping, the drive and drapes so there’s still a few things to soak up cash. Now it all depends on what we can get for our place. We’re putting it on the market almost immediately even though we’re roughly 6 months away from having a new home to move into, but the second progress payment will require more than we have saved and we’d like to avoid extending our mortgage. Also with the market slowing we thought that we’re better off that way. I’ll post plans when we have them.

Now comes the fun bit – finalising colours, carpets, door handles lights etc… e.g. SHOPPING!!


  1. Random driveby comment here – J. and I are going to be back in NZ later this year, probably Wellington based.Anyway, I’ve got some lumps of iron that I smelted at the past two Rowany festivals – Once I’ve refined it a bit, would Nick be interested in a chunk to play with?


  2. Mel here. Congrats on signing off on the house!I hope your house sells quickly and for mucho $$$!


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