Chocolate Therapy

I’ve been telling everyone about this but apparently moderate amounts (45g) of dark e.g. high cocoa solids chocolate (which is what I like anyway) has been shown to be an effective treatment for the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME.

“Professor Atkin said he was very surprised at the strength of the results.
“Although it was a small study, two patients went back to work after being off for six months.”

Naturally I’ve taken to this new treatment immediately.

Also I’m well through my physio and its really helped a lot. I have an appointment in a couple of days to get some swiss ball exercises as we’re concentrating on strengthening my lower abs but my posture’s improved a lot and I can now lie on my back without hearing my spine clicking as it realigns. I’m also back at the gym… so in general I’m on a bit of an upswing physically.

Work’s OK but I’ve just gotten my new laptop set up which is cool and I’m off up to Wellington in November for the National Digital Forum which should be interesting. Also a good chance to catch up with Isaccs and others so I will stay on for the weekend to give me chance to see people.

Terrible weather today – hail, heavy rain and I wouldn’t be surprised if inland has seen snow. It was so windy overnight that we’re going out to West Melton after work to check the fences. Hopefully the boys and girls are still where they should be.


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