OMG permit’s in – they want to start next week

Well, after having told everyone that its takes months and months to get a permit and that we’d be lucky to be in before winter we’ve just heard that they have the building permit and want to start laying the foundations NEXT WEEK.

We haven’t even been to the designer yet because we thought that we had lots of time and now Nick wants me to decide about roof colour before Tuesday!!! And that means that they’re about ready to start on the shed too.

EEEK – we might not need to look for a flat at all – we might just be moving straight in – that’s assuming that the house sale goes through OK. Otherwise we might HAVE to get bridging finance.

They’re talking about having us in by Christmas – I can’t see that myself, but possibly before Canterbury Faire.

Off we go on a shopping spree – need to decide colours, tiles, carpets, toilets etc etc etc – its crazy, but should be fun.

Also – Jack’s looking very cute and Lad’s looking magnificent.