Not house by Christmas – MAYBE Shed by Christmas

OK – Nick says that he didn’t say that we’d be in by Christmas – but he definitely said something about Christmas – maybe it was that the shed would be up. Actually I’d hope for it a bit before then as we want to be able to move everything into it when we go flatting. That’s assuming that this sale goes through. I’m just enjoying not having to have the place tidy for open house for a few weeks. Although it seems like I spent half the weekend cleaning anyway which has aggravated my back again.

Lots of arrivals in Christchurch at the moment: Jenni just got back from a 2 year OE to the UK and we had her for dinner on Saturday. I made a tarte tatin which I’d been wanting to try for ages. It came out pretty OK except that I left it in the pan too long to cool down which meant that it stuck a bit. Becky and the tribe arrived last night. I haven’t seen them yet but its going to be cool having them around more. Finally Racheal has scored a job at Lincoln and will be moving back sometime too. So lots of moving going on.

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  1. Yay! I’m really happy things are moving along on the house front. *hugs*Mel


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