Well we’re still in the same position with the house – our buyers are still keen and we’re rolling over their contract but everything hinges on them selling their house. In the meantime we’re still having open houses most weeks and are open to other offers. The shed is going up – Nick and I were out there last night and it had walls but no roof yet. Nick expects it to be finished by the weekend. Not so much progress on the house although they have begun prepping the site. Nick’s a bit annoyed though as it was all rush rush to get the fence down so that they can start and they’ve done very little.

We have two new mares on loan from Gwen, Heidi (another chestnut) and Misty (palamino) – there’s a good chance of getting a dun/buckskin (yellow body – black mane and tail) from that mix which would be cool. So now we have four mares to get in foal – they’re all coming in and out of season now so Nick’s out there serving mares – poor Lad getting all excited. Also Zoe and Jack are at our place now. Jack is getting bigger and beginning to lose his baby-fluff. It looks like he’s going to be quite a dark bay like Lad.