Christmas 07

Well Christmas has been and gone and it was a really nice relaxed one. Normally we see Nick’s Dad on Christmas eve but this year it was the day before and that was really good. Nick and I were able to spend Christmas eve just the two of us and went out to West Melton with a picnic and had dinner with our fur family.

Christmas morning I got up at a reasonable hour and bagelled – I think that we got away from here about 10:30 so we were running pretty much on schedule. I hadn’t been to Lu’s new flat before which caused a bit of headache finding it, then parking with a trailer on the back as we were providing tables and china as well. In retrospect it would have been easier to have the whole thing here. But next year hopefully. I got some great presents:

  • Easily the top of the list is Nick’s present: a training flight with a local flight school. You get to do as much of the actual flying as you want – naturally i want to do it all. More on this later folks.
  • Kate and Abagail gave me a castle shaped cake mold. Very cool – I made Nigella Lawson’s orange and chocolate cake in it for Abs’ birthday picnic on the 31st Dec and it came out great.
  • Lu gave me/us a translation of a 15th century Portuguese King’s equestrian manual which i have had on my Amazon wishlist for some time. I haven’t had time to read it yet as I have lots of books out of the library for the break.
  • Dad and Pamela gave me a battery powered milk whisk for making the frothy milk for cappuccinos – I’ve already used it once and it works great. I’ll even be able to take it to Canterbury Faire.
  • And there were other goodies – a bit of chocolate of course, yum yum
  • Oh and someone gave me a cold – the same one that Nick’s only just shaking after about 8 weeks. Which means I’ll probably still have it at Canterbury Faire.

Anyway its mostly good. I’ve also decided to start taking one day to work at home a week as soon as possible. Partly because its the only way I get the space to do any proper development / project work done. Too many distractions a work.