Shed woes

Well its official, we’re cursed.

We (meaning Nick really) have been having a terrible time with the TotalSpan shed that we have had put up. They really messed up the slab big time – not only is it not in line with the fence, but its not square or level. The not being level is a huge problem as it varies by over 25mm and there is no easy way to fix it. If its not fixed it will make the use of the workshop a problem as Nick won’t be able to do the work that he wanted to in it like laying out large panels for gates, trailers etc.

Other issues include using scratched panels (some marked cover-panel), not putting in screws and support brackets in the required spots and panels that overlap on an angle (probably because of the floor not being level).

They are supposedly going to come in and fix those problems – well they had better do because Nick’s adamant that we’re not paying them a cent until he’s satisfied.

Its really disappointing as we should have been able to move the workshop in there by now. As it is its taken them weeks to come and look and admit that there’s stuff to be fixed and it will probably take weeks to fix.