Mind-body illness

I may have mentioned that I’ve always felt that my chronic fatigue was initiated by the stress of my mother’s death and the events around that. Well my sister Lu put me onto an author Brian Broom who explored mind-body connections in physical illness. As luck would have it he has just published a new book (Meaning-full Disease) which our library got in so I put a hold on that and read it over Christmas.

It was very interesting, both in the anecdotes illustrating the central thesis of “somatic illness”, and in the broader themes of how our mental state has physical effects and vice versa. By the end of the book it gets quite philosophical too which is interesting, asking questions about human nature etc.

… Anyway … I decided that it was time that I followed up my gut instinct and tried to do something about treating the ‘meaning’ behind my fatigue. G.P.s just want to put you on drugs, and in fact every specialisation just deals with their thing but no one seems to be able to propose any ‘whole person’ strategies. I was thinking that I’d have to try out a few places to find the right person but I thought that I’d look up Dr Broom online – as luck would have it he actually works in Christchurch (for some reason I thought he was in Auckland), working at a place called Arahura Health Centre so once I’m back in Chch for a bit (Canterbury Faire and WebStock coming up), I’ll see if I can get an appointment.

p.s. My flying lesson is booked for the Saturday between Canterbury Faire and WebStock – so lots of excitement coming up.