Canterbury Faire 13

Apparently this was number 13 and it certainly felt that way. For a start its been very dry so a total fire ban was in place. This included gas BBQs which were restricted to a single concreted area down the arse-end of the camp-site. There are actually two of these but the other one is used by the Mangy Mongol which was generously allowing people to use their BBQ but that’s not much use to us as we actually cook on our stuff – not just flinging the odd steak or sausage at it. So any way we were stuck a long way from anywhere, except from the horse paddock which was right over the back fence.

The other problem was that the communication of the event was very poor. There was no booklet this year and the only places that you could find out what Arts and Sciences events were on was at the Mong (other end of campsite) or at the hall (up the hill) both of which were a significant hike for me. As a result I didn’t get to much. They were supposed to ring a bell every hour but we only actually heard that on the first day and then very irregularly. Although remarkably most things seemed to run to time – at least when the timing was reasonable.

So the first couple of days were pretty rotten for me. Nick was busy doing the things that he wanted to do and was very little help around the campsite. I missed the equestrian because I was at the only A&S class that I managed to get to and by the time that I got down to the field it was all over – although there was only one horse anyway. By Sunday I was beginning to feel better rested, just in time for it to pour with rain all day Monday. Now there’s another thing – for the first time ever we didn’t have plastic groundsheets under the hessian and rugs so of course all our rugs got soaked through. Tuesday was nice enough but then it was all over.

Its going to be longer next year – a whole week with set-up and take-down days with no actual event business which will mean that we can get up into mundanes, have breakfast and break camp instead of waiting around in garb for closing court which is always later and longer than advertised.

I didn’t take many photos but there’s a good one of Sigurd at court and some of Rosa in her sari. Sinech wore a great get-up for the feast but I didn’t have a camera. I got Catalina to take a photo so I’ll try to get a copy of it.

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  1. Al has the pics, I’ll ask him to email the shots of Sinech to you 🙂I look forward to seeing you soon!Mel


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