Flying post

Well I promised that I’d blog from webstock 08 and here I am. I’m pretty tired because Wellington shouted me to a thunderstorm last night. I can’t help but wonder if it was the same storm that rained on us at Canterbury Faire last week but I doubt it.

Anyway before i talk about webstock I want to say – I flew a plane on Saturday, and took off and landed it too. It was really fun. Although I think that I’d enjoy it more once I relaxed a bit. It was just a wee Piper Cherokee – engine about the size of a lawn-mower and seats for two people of moderate girth. We tootled off the Wigram airfield and over the hill to Lyttelton harbour where I practised a couple of turns – then off up the harbour to come around the point and then back into town. Around Cathedral square a couple of times and then finally back to Wigram – 1/2 hour all up. About twenty minutes into it I realised that if I stopped trying to correct all the time it would just fly straight and level by itself.

Anyway now I have to decide whether to continue on and do my PPL (private pilot’s license). If I do then I can eventually hire a plane and fly us down for trips like to Queenstown etc. However its not cheap – costs a bit over 12 thousand all up, and would probably take me two years. I could get quite a lot of horse for that.

But it was really fun to do and now at least I can say that I’ve given it a go. Once I’m back home and things have settled down I’ll see how I feel about it.