Webstock workshops

Well I’m half way through the last of the webstock workshops so here’s a quick run down before the onslaught of the conference proper. p.s. I’m also blogging this more professionally on the Christchurch City Libraries’ Bibliofile blog.

Shawn Henry: Web for all. This was great although I didn’t learn much that i didn’t already know BUT I think that it was a real wake-up call to start doing some proper analysis and user testing of our site and properties. It was also good to hear more about the WAI new draft – that’s the Web Accessibility Initiative standards.

Simone Willison: Jazz up your JavaScript – half about unobtrusive javascript: I now know what that actually means whereas the session I went to in 06 didn’t really make that clear. And the other half of this talk was about sing Javascript libraries, which I had heard of but hadn’t yet investigated. Given my lack of experience with JS they could be quite useful for us. Certainly worth further investigation (if I get time).

Kelly Goto: this was all day yesterday and vey intensive, maybe a bit rushed. Great stuff tough and lots of exercises where the first two were more lecture-style. Very much about using usability testing in a iterative design process. I think that this would be a great way for us to look at developing things as we rarely are given the time to develop something to the nth degree. This process is about beta launching with a few key features, doing user testing, then refining and launching further features and/or refinements / fixes.

Peter Morville: information architecture 3.0. Another all-dayer, and I’m only half way through. Again I seem to be familiar with most of the things being discussed which is a relief as it was pegged as intermediate/advanced. Maybe the advanced is after lunch. Very interesting discussions though, about usability, findability etc, tagging vs navigation, where search is taking us etc.

I am getting tired. We had a lovely dinner last night in town and then tonight with Matt and Michelle. Its tempting to join the hordes swigging down the coffee but then I know that I won’t sleep and then I’ll be even more tired. Ah well I can sleep in on Sunday.