Well Webstock’s over and done for another year and it was fab but exhausting. I’m still digesting all of the great stuff, reading over my written notes and blogs on the libraries’ bibliofile blog. There’re heaps of blogs etc out there about webstock so i’ll let you investigate them yourself – or check out the Webstock site itself. Webstock blogging at Technorati.

As advertised there were kick-ass speakers. I actually enjoyed Simon Willison the most for his ability to get pretty technical information (unobtrusive javascript, javascript libraries, Django and openID) over clearly in a short amount of time AND make it sound possible for a micro-geek (like me i.e. someone only partly geeky) to get it.

And there was some great stuff – first of all the bag rocked. And one of displays, an outfit called VERB down in Timaru, were giving away very cute robot toys.

I bought some neat stuff on the Thursday evening when they had Craft 2.0 during the cocktails. I bought badges from supervery and lusted after artwork by Sam Broad (check out this guy’s moustache) and toys and art by Minu.

More loot: