House plans, well not quite

Just for reference, this is ALMOST what our house floor plan looks like.

We made changes to it ages ago but never got an up to date PDF – well I didn’t anyway, maybe Nick has one. Anyway its going up pretty fast now and we’re due to make our second payment – maybe tonight when i get home. It’s pretty cool – you can wander around the rooms and get a feel for how big they are BUT you can walk through the walls still, which is to say that the framing is all up – next thing they put on the walls and roof. Then they can begin the interiors, and we can begin on the landscaping (not part of the build price unfortunately).

There’s been progress on the shed debacle too. They came and poured a new floor in it and Nick seems to think that its OK. There are still a number of other issues for them to fix before we’ll be paying them, but that was the toughest problem to fix. So hopefully we’ll have a usable shed by the end of the month.

We’re still waiting for fences – its hard when you’re getting a friend to help. The two loaner mares went back last weekend as they hadn’t gotten pregnant. A bit of a bummer. But there’s still Lightning and Nick’s talking about serving Zoe so we’d get another foal by her.

Jack’s great – he just loves apples and will nuzzle you all over for them. Likes being brushed too apparently, but not so keen on being caught, or lead. But he learns quickly and all is going good in that respect.

I can’t wait to be finally in the house and have everything sorted. Its been a long haul. We’re under offer again and will find out next Monday whether it will go unconditional – crossing fingers.

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