Well we’ve finally sold our house and just at the right time too really. It went unconditional yesterday and we have four weeks to settlement – which should be just a bit before we have to make the second big payment for the new house.

The guy who’s bought it has suggested that we could rent it from him while ours is being finished which would be great, so long as he doesn’t want too much. We’d still be stuck with the long trip our to West Melton so we’ll have a look at our options – it might make more sense to move everything into the shed at the farm (which should be finished) and take a short-term flat of apartment or something similar.

They’ve not made a lot of progress on the house over the last couple of weeks but our manager Nick is leaving fro Australia and we’ve been moved onto a new guy, Dustin, who we met on Thursday evening. He seems pretty on the ball and is going to get in to some of the things that Nick wasn’t confident were being handled, like the water heating situation with the solar and wet-back so we hope to see some real progress in the next couple of weeks and of course having just sold we’ll be applying pressure to get things done asap.

Nick’s off on a weekend trek with his Mum, hopefully next year I can go too so I’m just bumming around the house. Going out with Jenni tonight to see The Other Boleyn Girl. Might start a new gown for the (very late) Baronial Anniversary which isn’t until next month (it should be the 23rd, Nick’s birthday). If I’m going to do that I’d better go and get some linen to line it with.

Here’s some pictures of the building:

From the end of the garage

The end of the building – our room and ensuite

From our bedroom end looking back up towards the dining / living rooms

The dining / kitchen end

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