Another Easter

Well, Easter has come and gone again, although unusually early this year. And of course Nick’s birthday / baronial anniversary on the 23rd.

The highlight of Easter for me was having our first SCA equestrian training day. We borrowed Suzie’s (Nick’s Mum) horses Sweet William (black) and Lovejoy (roan / grey) and Pixie/Louise/Jennifer brought her standardbred mare (whose name I forgot almost immediately) and Sam brought her mare Willow so with Lad we had five rideable horses and as Jenni joined us we had five riders. Which sounds ideal except that Pixie’s mare was deeply in season and so Lad quickly had to be benched for the day (poor love). Also Lovejoy is young and silly and likes to buck so it ended up with Nick riding Lovejoy and me and Jenni sharing William (pictures are of us both on William – more pictures at Flickr).

Not that we did a whole lot. Really the aim was to begin desensitising the horses to silly things like big sticks. Willow and William were just fine but Pixie’s mare was very uncertain about the big bearded man with the big stick and took a bit of calming. After that Nick put up the five stands (space-saver tyre bases with a steel pole that will support the heads/ rings for the games) and we practised with the horses passing them close by, then clover-leafing around them in circles.

Anyway all went pretty well and it was a good start. We’re hoping to meet monthly for training and there may be other sessions to make stuff.

The rest of Easter went OK. I was pretty tired the next day but on Sunday was up and out on the farm helping Nick plant more trees, grasses and some flax plants.