Movin’ on

Well, that’s it, we’re moving out now. After a couple of moves to stay in our place and rent it from the purchaser he changed his mind. We think that he probably found out that there are additional costs over the mortgage, like insurance etc. Last weekend we started the move properly – Nick borrowed a box truck from Richard and Rob and Jason came over and helped move heaps of stuff. My loom has been taken apart and is currently in the garage as it was too tall for the truck. Pretty much all of our books are in boxes and in the shed – which is now. My old loom room is covered in junk from out of the cupboards etc as is the spare room.

Meanwhile we’re looking for somewhere to stay for three – four months. I’ve looked on a couple of sites, and we’ve had a few, you can stay with us/mes but to be honest I’m not terribly comfortable about crashing with anyone for that length of time. And it could be longer too – mid-July’s only the current estimate and its pretty dependent on lots of factors.

We’re still very busy with decisions about the new house. I’ve been seeing Chrissie at Alectra about the paint etc colours and that’s almost sorted and we’re seeing the lighting people tomorrow. Everything’s firming up though and the house is looking great.