Accomodation mostly sorted

The move is going fairly well – I’d guess that we’re about half-way there which is OK as we have until 24th and I’m taking most of that week off. I’ve got movers coming to do the valuable furniture and next weekend Nick will try to move the heavy workshop stuff. One wee problem is that the builders still have their stuff in the shed. This is actually a major problem as

  1. we can’t put things where we want to because we have to leave them access, and
  2. they have access to the shed, which contains everything – well it will, so security is an issue.

Anyway Nick’s going to push them into moving it all out asap.

We’ve finally bought a horse float. It was quite a big expense, but its only 4 years old and not heavily used. Turned out to be a couple that Nick had met on his overnight trek last month, and they had bought a horse of Danni (Turtle) so nice to have another connection. Its powder blue, hmmm. Anyway its been useful moving big things like the loom which hadn’t fit in Richard’s box truck which we’ve been borrowing for the moving.

I managed to get Tybalt booked into a cattery for the duration. Its on the way out to West Melton so that’s handy, and it looks like we’re sorted for accommodation too. We’ve just looked at a house in Edgeware which is available until mid-August so sounds pretty perfect. It is a bit more than we had hoped to be paying but fully furnished, central etc is probably worth it to be comfortable, off-street parking etc. Oh and it has home theatre and Sky — yum. We can move in on the Tuesday and then take the Wednesday to do a final clean of the house and property before the settlement day of the Thursday so it all fits nicely.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve found a place and that everything’s working out. I’m thinking of you both and sending you a hug.Mel


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