Quick post – mostly moved

We move tomorrow! I’m kind of sad at leaving our first home but at least we’re going to a place that’s going to be comfortable and warm.

Moving has been an enormous task but is almost over now – just some basic furniture and the essentials and a few smallish things left in the workshop. At least we only have to move once, well there is the moving of stuff from the workshop to the house but that’s measured in metres AND doesn’t include the workshop stuff.

We’ve had lots of help from friends – I’d especially like to thanks Bob, Al and Richard (who has lent us lots of trucks).

By the next time I put photos up there will be bricks on the house, most of the windows are in and the roof is on.

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  1. Yay for being mostly moved! Are you guys coming up for Crown by any chance? It would be lovely to see you but I can understand with all that’s going on if it isn’t really a good time.*hugs* Mel


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