WOW that last post was optimistic ! Everything is finally moved but its was a real ordeal. I made about four trips back and forth on the Tuesday, moving all of our clothes, food, DVDs/CDs etc to our new (temporary) location. That was pretty tiring but then all day Wednesday and Thursday was spent sorting, boxing lifting and shifting almost everything else. By the time we got back into town Thursday evening there was only the fridge left in the house, the freezer in the garage and plants in the glasshouse. We thought that the purchaser might buy the fridge but no-go on that one. He’s going to give us some money for the left-over wood though – we have no use for it here and its easier to get a new lot when we make the final move.

Had some bad news over the last couple of days. My brother-in-law’s father was killed in a light aircraft crash in Auckland. Its been in the news and everything but we hardly ever watch TV news and aren’t getting papers here so I only knew because Kate rang me this morning. Its too soon to know what happened there. Also a friend of a friend in the US has died after a riding accident which make me remind everyone – please wear a helmet when you ride – they’re light, keep the sun out of your eyes and your hair out of your face and may save your life.

Friday was a jammie day for me – I crashed on the couch all day watching TV and DVDs on the big screen. Saturday was lovely – hung out at Danni’s watching everyone having their riding lessons with Ian who comes down from the North island. He’s a really good teacher – Nick’s booked three lessons and is taking Monday off for the last one. Today (Sunday) I finally got into the gym to work-out some of the knots all the lifting and hauling gave me (although Saturday began with a massage for me – so that helped a lot too). It felt really good and I am going to try to get one weekend session in every week.