Its our anniversary today šŸ™‚ and its been a pretty nice day. We went out to try out a horse that is for sale, which went pretty well, then out to the farm – rode Lad a bit, attached the big water pipe for the house water to the pump, and shortly we’re going out for dinner at Pedro’s, a Spanish restaurant.

House is still progressing very slowly.

  • bricks are about 85% on – there’s still some big chunks to do but they should get it finished next week
  • solar is partly on
  • some more plumbing has happened such as the cylinder is now in the roof, the standard bath is in… And I am so glad that I tested the one that’s going in the ensuite because the main bath looks like the one in our rental place which is tiny – even smaller than the one we had at Aranui.
  • we had a walk-through with the electrician last Wednesday and he seems like a good guy so hopefully there will be one area that we don’t have to worry about. saved us a bit of cash too – we were going to have these fancy copper sticky-out lights around the house on the BBQ side but he pointed out that the french doors would swing into them so we’re going for much cheaper adjustable halogen down-lights in the surfeit.

We’re still pretty unhappy with the building company though – they have again sent us an invoice before the things that are supposed to be done are done. For example all the doors should be in but we’ve no sign of the garage doors. The roof was supposed to have been on for the previous payment but the snow straps still are missing from the guttering. So lets hope that its doesn’t snow though if they were to fall off because of this Fowlers would have to replace them. Its got to the point where Nick is going to call the Master Builders assoc or whatever they are, on Monday and get some clarifications. I do hope that we don’t have to get the lawyers involved again.

Anyway… If anything happens on the horse front I’ll make an update. Next weekend we’re hoping to have an SCA practice, all going well.