Bricks on

Well the house is still moving slowly but we’ve just made the third payment and the bricks are all on and its looking pretty sweet. The pictures below look a bit funny because they’ve been pasted together with Photoshop and instead of taking 3 or 4 from a central position they’re composed of 2 – one near and one far so to stick them together one has to get a bit skewed.

We had a real funny last week. Our original plan had been to have the wet-back(s) and the solar for water heating and that was for in the castle. Then when we went to a smaller house we still had these quite big wet-backs. Anyway Nick went to an uncle of his who’s quite big in the whole heating thing and he suggested that we’d need something to draw extra heat from the cylinder like radiators or underfloor. So base on that we’d had underfloor pipes put into the two bathrooms when they poured the slab back in November / December.

Then about two months ago we had a sit down with the two plumbers – one for the normal stuff and the guys who are doing the solar. They felt that there wasn’t going to be enough heat so we agreed not to hook up the pipes in the bathrooms. Then the plumber cut through those pipes when cutting out the bit for the showers and bath – Nick was pretty pissed… Anyway, late last week the solar guy rings Nick and says that he’s put in a similar system somewhere else and it keeps boiling the cylinder and he’s worried that ours will too – so now we have to hook up the under-floor.

Just goes to show – Nick’s uncle was right – and the junk-science that the plumber (a) was spouting (we think that he’s pretty useless and rude to boot) was absolute rubbish.

Anyway – it’ll be nice to have the underfloor – small victories!!

From the bedroom end

Kitchen window

BBQ end