Well my other bit of news from the weekend is that I’ve finally bought a horse. I first started looking for a horse a few years ago before my CFS diagnosis and my first attempt resulted in my finger being distorted (I still have a lump) after I got bucked off. That took months to heal and then when I found out that I was quite sick I stopped riding altogether apart from the odd casual ride out with Nick or Suzie. But I have been feeling much better now for a while and had been casually looking at trademe occasionally. A really good sounding (and she was) horse came up a couple of weeks ago but I missed out on her.

Anyway one of Nick’s western friends suggested that we go up to the Mt Algidus station to look a a young horse called (yeah i know). Turned out that they also had an older mare for sale that had done a lot of cutting. Google was a bit young for what I need but I tried out the mare who’s name is lill (Little Doc’s Sugar Cube) and she’s great – very light to ride – I didn’t need to kick hard – just a firm nudge really, which is what i like. Nice movement if maybe a bit out of work now, but she’ll get fit quickly i think as from what i was told she’s been in work fairly recently. Anyway, they’re going to deliver her to a friend’s place where we can pick her up.

We also had another local SCA equestrian practice. it went pretty well although people stopped fairly early. It was getting cool though. We’re practising rings at the moment – I rode William and he was pretty good although I have to learn to be aware of the end of my pole as well as the tip as I hit him in the rump once. Piccys on my flickr page – tag southrongaardequestrian

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