I’m having the worst day ever. First of all my cat Tybalt is very sick, possibly terminal. This is the cat that I inherited from Mum. Over the last year she’s really been slowing down but she must be about 20 so that is ancient for a cat. Because we were facing the possibility of frequent changes of address and possibly fairly crap accomodations I decided to put her into a cattery thinking that one shift would be easier than multiples on her and last time she went to a cattery she was fine.

After a couple of weeks they called to ask us to come and see her because they thought that she might have cat flu or something. She seemed OK to us – her nose does run sometimes, but she was real purry and friendly, although we never put her down. However when I went to see her last Sunday she was silent and lethargic. Didn’t even have enough energy to catch herself when she jumped off my lap. I decided to ask the couple we’re renting the house from if we could bring her back here (they’re in Thailand on holiday – this is kind of house sitting, not a flat). Anyway we went out and bought her a huge dog cage so that she could be inside without endangering their couches and we got the OK to bring her home early on Tuesday. I guess that I was hoping that she was a bit depressed – not actually sick.

Anyway the cattery rang me at work on Tuesday as they’d noticed the same – she was no longer walking so we agreed that they’d take her to the vet. Well it turns out that her kidneys are shot. Not surprising in such and old cat, and she’s very dehydrated and has lost muscle mass. We had her here overnight but she’s back at the vet on a drip today and if she picks up we may bring her home again. We’re going to try this for a few days and hope that she picks up. If not we may have to consider other options.

On top of that – essential software for most of my work has somehow been uninstalled from my laptop on my work at home day, and they can’t find the disc to reinstall from, also I left the internet card at work, and Rebecca had to cancel lunch again because her free-loading babysitter decided that she’d rather go for a massage. Pretty crap really – I can’t wait for bed-time and a new day.

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  1. oh hon, I’m so sorry about Tybalt. I do hope that she gets better.And as for the rest of your day, I say just curl up under the covers with a hot toddy and a book. I know it won’t make it better, but hopefully you can find some kind of escape for a little while. A book or a movie or some kind of distraction might help.*gentle hugs*


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