Tybalt on the mend

Well after several visits to the vet it looks like Tybalt is on the mend. After leaving her at the vet’s on Wednesday I called on Thursday and the vet expressed surprise with her recovery. We picked her up on Friday evening and brought her home for the long weekend. She’s been eating well and drinking although its a bit of a struggle to get her to take her pills. I’ve gone to crushing them in her food.

She’s not mobile yet. Saturday and Sunday mostly all she could do was pull herself around on her forelegs but by Monday she was beginning to get her back legs under her and crouch and this morning she tried to get off my lap. She’s still not strong enough to walk yet though – but there is definite improvement every day and she’s perky and purring.

We bought her a supply of polar-fleece throws from the warehouse and a hot water bottle to keep her snug and cosy. The polar fleece is great because its so easy to wash.