The good and the bad

Well its been ages since I posted and we’ve been absolutely flat out. Nick’s currently down at Benmore Power Station doing his training for the big job that they’re doing down there.

The house is coming along quickly now. The macrocarpa floors are down and looked magnificent (until everyone walked on them and got them dirty). The garage doors are on and also look great and the kitchen is in. We’re regretting not adding a metre into the width of the house to give us a bit more kitchen and larger bedrooms but it’s OK. Last time I was there the painters had begun undercoating. We’re about a month away from moving in I guess – well that’s what the finishing schedule says – we should be able to move in the weekend before the Nicholson’s, whose house we’re renting, get back – so there’s really no leeway at all.

So that’s the good news.

The bad is that Tybalt died and my horse Lil has turned out to be lame. After tests at the vet it appears to be permanent and untreatable and she really can’t be ridden so when Nick gets back he’ll be talking to the woman that we bought her from. Oh and I’m quite ill again, almost certainly to do with the stress of the above. And our little black steer got out of his paddock not once but twice in two weeks, even after Nick had strengthened the fences – so he’s going to the home-kill man. This will leave Riley all alone and he’s noticeably distressed about it so he is also going to go. We’ll get some new young ones in a couple of months.

Anyway not much else on. Work is busy and obviously I’m tired all the time. I’m getting heaps done on my work at home days. Sometimes I think that they’re the only reason I make any progress at all.

I don’t really have time for SCA at all at the moment although I’m making steady progress on my trunkhose, sewing in front of TV in the evenings. Not feeling very inspired you might say.

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  1. I’m so sorry about Tybalt. She was a good cat. I hope you start feeling better soon. This is a lot to deal with right now so take it easy on yourself. *gentle hug*Mel


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