Less than a fortnight to go!!!

Yes that’s right, we’re supposed to move in in a little under two weeks.

The painting is almost finished (they still have to do outside around the surfeits), the tiling is moving along quite well. We have been trying to decide on curtains and have found really nice fabrics that don’t cost a fortune, including this one for the bedroom. This week they’ll do the lighting and plumbing so by next weekend it should be nearly there. Then they have to re-oil the floor and we won’t be able to step on it for a couple of days and we should move in the following weekend.

A couple of things won’t be entirely finished: the wallpaper won’t arrive from overseas on time, but should be able to be done shortly after. The special meile hob is not going to arrive for several months because even though we told them what we wanted last December they have only just gone to order it and discovered that it will have to come from overseas and may not arrive until November. We’re less happy about that. And we won’t have wardrobe fixtures as we’ve decided to do them ourselves, except for our walk-in which we’re going to get a modular system from revealing.co.nz which are quite nice and we can install ourselves.