The day before the day before

Had a manic weekend but achieved a lot. We now have a letterbox, and by Friday will be able to receive mail. Nick’s half-brother (?) Sam helped him him get the digger going on Saturday and ran it down our trench evening the surface out so that we could finally drop the water pipe into it. The digger had been broken down for a couple of months and until this was done we couldn’t get Telecom in to lay in a phone line. We won’t have a phone when we move in but at least we can get that ball rolling now. I got a bit sunburnt on the face, either that or I’m picking up Nick’s flu… which would be bad – he’s at home today. It take a lot for Nick to stay home sick.

The house is looking good – we went out last night to feed the beasties and met the cleaners. Although there are still quite a few things that need taking care of – paint retouching, interior door handles, shower walls / doors, re-plastering, damage to the wood floors, and they need to be re-oiled. A lot of this stuff could have been avoided with a little care but they don’t take even the most basic precautions against damage. Several of our outside door handles and windows are badly scratched up by one of the contractors dogs – who also left a few parcels around the property.

But still we’re looking forward to being in finally – and having our own stuff again. And I’m sure Nick’s looking forward to getting the shed back and being able to start setting it up as the workshop. Of course we still have a lot of work ahead: drive way needs doing, door steps etc – basically all of the outdoors stuff.