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Well its kind of nice to be back at work, although i really needed the week off – not just to deal with the move but also after the pretty intense few weeks before launching our new homepage and site templates.

We’re kind of settled in now. Nick spent half of Sunday on the roof putting the aerial up so that we could watch Dr Who on Sunday evening while I have filled in half of the trench (for cables / water) from the pump shed to the house and planted some veges in the newly dug vege patch.

We’ve also had enough time to make a short list of items that need fixing. But on the whole we’re pretty happy with the house and the things in it. My favourite things are:

  • the extractors over the stove. Instead of getting a normal extractor we went for a system called smoothair which we were promised was very quiet as the motor is in the ceiling. Its amazingly quiet and still very sucky and by getting 2 units (a 2 and a 3) we have the entire 1200 mm wide area covered.
  • the Bosch dishwasher and washing machine are almost equally quiet. Its SO worth spending a bit extra to get the best quality.
  • the space. The living / dining area and master bedrooms are huge and I just love having all that space.
  • the warmth. Double-glazing plus full under, over and side insulation really pays off. The wood burner however is barely enough as the wet-back sucks off a significant amount of the heat produced. We’re going to need that heat transfer kit by next winter. JT is coming this morning (first thing apparently although its almost 9 now) to hook up the solar.

Anyway, I should do some work.

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  1. Yay you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new place.We will be in Chch from 26/12 – 2/1 and would love to catch up and come see the new place if you’ll be in town and have time.Mel


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