Getting things done

Well it was a very busy weekend for us. I spent the morning at the Southron Gaard collegium learning naalbinding mainly. It quite enjoyed it but it wasn’t a patch on the collegia that we used to have (and I’m not referring in any way to the quality of the workshops themselves but to the event as a whole). This was much more a couple of quiet workshops than a full on event. I don’t think that it was just because it wasn’t in garb, but also just the small number of classes, several of which were limited numbers, meant that interest was likewise limited. Anyway, at least now I can start making Sigurd some socks.

Meanwhile Nick was off on a feed hunt for the horses as we’d run out of hay entirely. We ended up getting some lucerne from a guy, Martin, down the road. Its good to have met another neighbour. Also we bought a washing line which is great to have as the dryer is still just sitting on the laundry bench so i have to prop the laundry outside door open when I use it.

In addition Nick has mounted the hand towel holders and a few paintings so things are coming together. The wooden floor people are coming on Thursday to re-oil the floor so we’ll have a night away.

I realised that I left off a few “favourite things”… I’m also loving the granite benchtop, although its hard to keep looking good. I think that window cleaner would keep it shiny. Oh and the views. And did I mention the projector? hmm

I’ve just stuck some images on flickr if you want to have a look.

We just had a shock about the cost of putting the power up the drive to the house $10,000!!! – we’d expected about half that. Bugger, maybe I’ll have to hold off my wardrobes for a while.