Progress report

Did you know that work can be incredibly tiring, or maybe I mean tiresome? Its not the work itself of course, that I can do more or less at home or in a vacuum. Its the constant negotiation of personality. I think that I’m just too tired to do it. anyway…

Progress on most of the house stuff is good. JT came and finished hooking up the solar on Monday so we have now turned off the electricity to the hot water cylinder and are just working off the solar and the wetback. Yesterday was cool and damp so last night we lit the fire – the wood was good and dry so it got very hot very fast and this morning there was plenty of hot water for Nick’s shower. Its another cool damp day (well so far) today – I wonder if I could get a hot shower or bath this evening.

The electrician came on Wednesday and put in the vanity light in the bathroom, fixed a couple of things and most importantly put in the new Meile hob. Its gorgeous – just a flat plate of black glass as the switches are all touch switches. It heats up real fast and blends into the dark granite beautifully. Nick made omelets to celebrate.

So really now we’re just waiting on the plumber to fix the waste on my bath, for the wallpaper (which should arrive next friday), a new mirror for above the bathroom vanity (as the one supplied was too big) and then we’re shot of K Fowler homes part at least. Curtains should arrive next month – at least the first batch – for our bedroom and the theatre room. Oh and telecom are supposed to be hooking us up next Tuesday so we’ll finally have a phone.

So that’s all good and we’re on track for our Halloween housewarming party – that’s right, keep Friday 31st October free. Theme will be come as your favourite monster, but you know what we’re like about themes, if you don’t want to then don’t worry about it.