Lazy Sunday

Nick and i had a very lazy sunday as he was feeling pretty rotten and I had a slight hang-over from the hen’s night do the previous evening. So we sat around and read and watched about 4 episodes of Babylon 5 season 4. We’re watching that again partly because we missed the odd episode when it was run on TV and felt that it was a series that we had to have. Other than that we’ve been emersed in ‘soft’ westerns for the last few months. First watching the first season of Alias Smith & Jones which I loved and now watching the Adventures of Brisco County Jnr which some might remember from the mid-1990s. Lots of fun anyway.

I’m also reading Stephanie Alexander’s book Stephanie’s Seasons, basically her diary for 1992. Its fascinating, partly from the wonderful food which is very inspiring and partly for the historical notes: Australia in recession, the LA Rodney King riots. Its also wonderful writing. I’m very keen to read more of her books when I’ve finished.

Late on Sunday our neighbour Lois met us at our boundary gate and gave us the most beautiful bunch of flowers. Daffodils and hyacinths and blossums and tulips and wonderfully scented things that I should know the names of but don’t. I had to use four vases to take them all and now the house smells amazing. My own bulbs in pots are up but would barely fill one vase. Again very inspiring and I’m keen to spend at least some of this weekend gardening. Hopefully the nor-wester dies down as its been very windy. maybe we should concentrate on planting trees for shelter.