Labour Weekend

Well I managed to drag Nick to the St Crispin’s event and we took Zoe too. Earlier in the week he’d though that Lad would be OK but as the week went on Lad’s “its spring and I’m horny all the time” behaviour made it clear that that would be more interesting than we’d like. The drawback with Zoe was that she’s not exactly in work. In fact she’s only been ridden about four times over the past month and that was it for the last two years. Oh and she’d had her first introduction to the stands and the sticks (mini-lances for playing rings) on Thursday. While she got OK about the stands, she really doesn’t like that stick.

Anyway he rode her a bit and tried her with ther ‘heads’ and rings games but she wasn’t keen. So he did it all on Willow. Willow’d a big part clydie mare who has been extensively Parellied, and is ridden in a string halter. As both Nick and Vanessa commented – she pretty much does what she wants. Anyway its a start. Over the next couple of months we’ll try to get Zoe more used to the stick.

In house related news we finally picked up the flash new wardrobe bits from and started putting that together – we’ve got the short end and corner up and still have the long side to do. Its a bit tricky – some bits are definitely a two person job. But it looks great – and really solid.

On Labour day Monday Nick went to the annual Southern Woods sale and bought over 100 mixed NZ trees and a couple of quinces. He’s planted the quinces and some of the trees around the house – its great to get those areas started.

Now we’re all go for the housewarming on Friday – I’ve had lots of offers of help and have taken the Friday off for preparation. We’re also having a small pre-BBQ for assorted people who can’t stay for the evening and other reasons. I have my costume mostly done – a bit more sewing tonight should see it finished. It should be fun. We’re in the normal dis-array. Too much to do. But its a good prelude to my 40th birthday party this Christmas – I haven’t worked out when yet but several friends are coming down some time between Christmas and New Year so possibly in there somewhere.