pre-Christmas update

Wow we’ve been so busy at work and not having usable internet at home is my chief excuse for not posting for so long. Also I’ve been really unwell since the Halloween party. Its been up and down as usual but more down than up. I’d like to be able to say that it was getting better but it isn’t really. I’ve had to go back to sitting around most weekends and really working at not taking on too much. A bit difficult with the Christmas rush.

We’re doing it fairly quiet this Christmas. We’re hosting the Hindin Christmas bagel brunch which has the advantage of meaning we don’t have to drive there and back. After that we currently have no plans which is great. We’re having a very low-key ‘party’ to celebrate my 40th birthday and that’s about it. I’ll be bringing out a few old favourites for it – the layered salmon mousse cake and hopefully some boozy ice-cream. Nick is in charge but we’re doing it together.

Had a goodish weekend. Firstly it poured down on Saturday – we had a couple of much needed inches that day alone and then more overnight so with a few warm days forecatsed we’re looking forward to some grass growth. This meant some inside jobs got done including the wardrobe which is now finally fully installed (except for the shelves which they are still waiting on to arrive in chch). I ran about hanging things up on Sunday – it was great. On Sunday we went South to Mead to meet a prospective doggy for me. We will arrange pick-up in a few days when we’ve got things set up for her. She’s a light brindle greyhound called kiwi and I can’t wait to have her home. She’s very affectionate and about 3 1/2. So that’s my excitement and my main birthday present. I’m thrilled.