Year 40 begins

Well I have begun my fortieth year. We had a lovely birthday party – Nick and Rowley with help put up our SCA pavilion to block the wind and it was a lovely evening. Sadly Becky couldn’t come because she was sick but pretty much everyone else was there. I got some nice presents but the main one had arrived on Boxing Day. Nick and I headed out to Mead the day after Christmas to pick up Kiwi, a brindle greyhound bitch who has recently retired from racing.

Kiwi is really my first dog, although when I was four we had Victor, a Dalmatian, and then at Grants Rd we had Ralph, an English Pointer. I got lots of books from the library (of course) and our neighbour / mechanic’s wife has lent me Cesar’s Way – the book by the Dog Whisperer guy who we’ve always enjoyed on TV. Anyway she is settling in very well. She sleeps in the bedroom on a blanket (she has the polar-fleece blankets that we bought when Tybalt was sick) and more or less follows me around most of the day. We have to keep an eye on her when she’s outside or she’ll have a go at the new chickens that Suzie brought us at Christmas but a quick stern word keeps her in line.

We went for a lovely walk this morning although only half an hour which is about all I have in me. We’re also getting her used to her run (also borrowed from the neighbour). When all the industries go back to work Nick will be able to get materials to make our own run – it will be quite big – walk-in for us.

Kiwi had her first electric fence encounter this afternoon. Nick thought she was heading off after the chicks again but she’d actually touched the bottom live wire with her nose – ouch! Anyway she’s survived and will hopefully be more careful of them in future.

Its been really nice just hanging out at home, planting the odd tree, walking the dog etc. I keep meaning to do some sewing and Canterbury Faire prep but its too nice being outside. Only small amounts of sunburn so far.

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  1. 40…I didn’t like this Birthday. I don’t know why – I guess I didn’t like the change of “3” into “4”. Maybe it’s the hardest one in life (I had that feeling…)Anyway, hope you are enjoying this year. Because every year is worth enjoying to the max!Take careElli


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