A whole new year

So we begin our first whole year in our new house in fairly salubrious fashion. We have Rowley staying with us and as a result are eating rather well. Its nice to have someone about who’s really helpful in the kitchen and almost always upbeat. He made us a fabulous thai chicken salad that went us two meals. Tonight its Paella – yum yum.

I’ve been taking Kiwi for walks, exploring the neighbourhood. One day we took Rowley with us and Nick and Lad came too. We were quite a procession. I got some really nice photos of Nick and Lad. Later that day the weather went mad. It hailed down hailstones the size of ice-cubes and then rained about an inch in half an hour. I took the time to do some inside jobs like working on my trunkhose for riding in.

Kiwi is settling in well although today is our first day back at work and so she has had to stay in her run. Yesterday (Sunday) we took her to fighter’s practice and we walked around Fendalton in the sun. Then we went to Animates and picked up some treats and ball throwers – although it may take her a while to get used to the idea of chasing and picking up a ball. She showed no interest whatsoever in toys, squeaky or otherwise. I think that this is a good thing as I don’t really want her to take to chewing things.