Take Five

Urgh, I’m on a break on my working at home day. I’ve just made some form validation JavaScript work and its taken me the best part of the day, not counting previous days when I’ve been working on it. I’m sort of doing it because it needs doing but also because I’m going to a JavaScript workshop at WebStock in a few weeks and my skills are really pretty basic. I figured, when registering, that i had a few months to brush up. Well those few months have rushed past. I figure that the workshop will either jump me ahead significantly or be totally over my head. Anyway I’m in the middle of sorting out flights to Wellie. I finally managed to get in touch with Joan after giving up on email I rang a few random times and got her on Sunday. It was nice to have a catch-up and will be even nicer in person next month. Hopefully I’ll get to see Matt and Michelle and the kids.

Kiwi has settled in well despite our having to leave her alone four days of the week she is handling it fairly well. There have been a few accidents but mostly when I haven’t given her enough outdoors time before letting her in the house. Today she is lying on the floor behind me and I occasionally hear her sighing or snoring. There was a bird singing earlier and I swear she was cahsing it in her sleep. But she’s a great joy. I’m loving our daily walks and we’re up to and just over an hour for most. There are basically four walking options around here but once life settles down i.e. after Canterbury Faire and WebStock, I’m planning to join the greyhound club and they do organised walks which should be fun.

We took Kiwi to Danni’s place on Sunday after fighter’s practice (and having her spaying stitches out) and introduced her to the carnival of dogs there. They seemed to get on OK and Danni thought that her greyhound Crafty remembered Kiwi from their breeders’ place. Kiwi is going to stay with them next week while we are at Canterbury Faire.

Although currently my camping at CF is a bit uncertain. Last year they brought in these very strict requirements that gas BBQs had to be on concrete pads and we were forced down the far end of the campsite. With my ME I really couldn’t handle it and the problem was exacerbated by not having information about classes etc distributed very well so to even find out if anything was on I had to walk all the way to the other end – or up the horrible hill. Anyway they’re doing it again. To add insult to injury we’ve discovered that this is entirely made up by the SCA stewards and is not a restriction made by the site owners. Given that we’ve been camping like this for 16+ years with no problems its entirely unnecessary and it is interesting that this only effects those who self-cater at the event. There’s no consideration given whatsoever – we’re not even allowed to make use of the huge facilities at the hall – no that’s exclusively for those on the food plan (which I suspect those who have made this decision are). Anyway if the only option is going to be camping at the far end I’m not going – it was just too miserable last year. I will day trip on the days that interest me and stay home and relax (and maybe ride) on the others, and sleep in my own bed and have hot baths… plus it is supposed to rain next week – hallelujah.

Anyway enough grumpiness. back to work.