wet wet wet

Well its the Friday morning of the last day of Webstock 09 and its pissing down. I’m hoping that its raining as heavily in Canterbury as it is here in Wellington. Luckily Joan has left me an umbrella.

Webstock has been pretty good. The Bag is similar to last year’s but better and the t-shirt actually fits properly which is great as last year’s was very tight and even the year before was a bit small for an XL. In terms of workshops they’ve all been good but the first (Xhtml & CSS) I found that I knew most of what we were taught (although I have picked up a couple of tips), and the second (JavaScript) was more advanced than I had expected.

Every webstock seems to have a recurring theme and this one seems to be creativity and humanity. So far the most interesting presentation for me was the woman from the UK national observatory at Greenwich about astronomy and getting the public involved – I particularly like the photo competition they’ve got going and astrotagging, and the most fun one was Ze Frank (look him up) which was well placed as the last session yesterday.

I also have had time to check out the Monet and the Impressionists exhibition at Te Papa which was nice. I can’t say that the art really moves me much – some peices more than others. It was interesting learning of the Japanese influences in his art though.

So that’s about it. Today I am really looking forward to hearing from Russ Weakley and Bruce Sterling, then there’s an event at the Embassy… should be fun. Thank goodness for taxi vouchers.