millions of peaches, peaches for free

Well this morning we had our first frost, but its turned out a lovely day. I’m taking today and Thursday off to relax – all the stuff in February (CF and WebStock) and then being two people down in the team has been very tiring for me and my energy levels have been steadily dropping. And then to make matters worse my back began playing up again. Anyway I have loads of holiday leave squirreled away so i thought I’d use some of it.

The peaches title is because we’re getting bins of peaches from Nick’s Mum’s work – the ones that get graded out because they’re too bruised to go to the supermarkets. This is how we generally get our apples for the horses, and there’s been a few of those too. Anyway Nick’s been freezing them and we’ve been having peach desserts and peach muffins etc etc. Lovely.

Apart from that there’s not alot new. We still don’t have our Surf back which is a pain in the arse frankly and I am losing patience. Its Barional Anniversary this weekend and I want Kiwi to come but we need a big enough car for her to sit in the back during the feast. Its an all-day thing so I don’t want to have to leave her in her run all day on a weekend.

We have weaned Twilight – he’s now hanging out with Aunty Zoe and learning about being lead etc. He lets Nick catch him in the paddock and thus far is doing really well. There were a few battles to begin with but he’s getting better I think – much of the training happens while Kiwi and I are walking so I haven’t seen much of it. Zoe is pregnant but the other two aren’t and its getting a bit late – we don’t want them foaling this late next year. Lil’s leg is still bad although the farrier thought that the hoof hadn’t worn down as much which might indicate that she is picking it up more. I guess the other thing horsey to report is that over summer Lightning has gotten alot braver about being approached etc – I’m sure that this is simply because we have been doing so much more with her and Twilight that she has become more trusting.

Anyway – I have a long list of small jobs to do today. Mostly phoning people. Better get on with it.