The wonders of walking

I’m prompted to write this post by an incident on my walk today but there are a few things that I’ve been meaning to mention about the walks.

Today’s Incident: so there are a few regulars that we pass on our walks – various riders, cyclists, walkers (mostly without dogs to Kiwi’s distress) and joggers. Today we had just turned around and probably walked about 5 minutes towards home when we pass one of the regular joggers (pink tracksuit) and she makes more than usual eye-contact (although you always say hello in the country) thereby ‘flaggng me down’ , I take out my headphones so i can hear her. “Are you going back that way” she said, “its just that that man has been spotted nearby and the police are about… you might want to go the other way”. Well that sounds good except these aren’t city blocks – going the other way would probably take me nearly two hours and since I haven’t been great recently I tell her I’ll be careful and keep on my way home. Home now with now incident although I kept my ears and eyes more open than usual. So who says nothing interesting happens in the country.

..oops that went off early.

Also the roadkill you spot is fascinating. We’ve seen cats, rabbits/hares (hard to tell the diff when semi-decomposed), various birds. Did I mention about seeing bird hit mid-flight – that was a bit nasty.

Kiwi and I have four different routes – today’s we go towards the main west coast road and then turn down Finlays road and continue either to the big tree with the dead sheep or a little further to the corner with Pearces Rd, the other three we turn away from the West Coast rd and either continue straight up Sandy Knolls Rd until you get to the railway, or turn up Hoskyns rd. Turn right and go until “Jack & Sue’s” or a bit further to Hayes Rd, turn left towards Rolleston and go either to Alpine View or a bit more to Bradley. See map

The other great thing is that I’m still losing weight. I was about 84kg around Christmas time and am now 79! Yay, and its relatively painless.