So its Easter Monday and back to work tomorrow. I’ve been pretty useless all weekend but did manage to go with Nick on Friday? to the Oderings sale with our hourse-warming vouchers and buy:
1 sweet chestnut, which has been planted down by the stockyards, two magnolias because they’re my favourite tree and not everything has to be useful, a cherry (Dawson), two fern trees for behind the house (the dark side) and two gooseberries and a variety of rosemaries and lavenders. I think that that’s all. It was a good haul anyway and mostly still waiting to be planted.

This has started Nick on a planning rampage and he’s been drawing up plans for the vege garden, thinking about making proper paths etc. This is necessary because this year, what with watering the vege garden, the paths have overgrown completely and many of the vege beds have been taken over by clover. Also we think that someone pinched out motor mower, so we’ve had no way of mowing them, not that Nick intended to. Anyway I think that I have him convinced now that it takes a bit more than just digging up a path of ground and that a permanent vegetable garden requires paths and borders.

I’ve just finished this morning Bruce Sterling’s The Caryatids – and really enjoyed it. It only took me a few days to finish so maybe Nick will read it too. Which is good because Sword and Laser (online book greoup) are reading Dune this month and I wanted to read that too as its so rare for me to actually be able to get the same books as they’re reading. I’ve read Dune several times before of course but its been a while.

I’ve also been doing a bit of spinning. I have found that its an activity that I can do while feeling like crap – not too exhausting either mentally or physically. Nick’s Mum has ‘borrowed back’ her wheel so I’m drop spinning – but that’s fine. it a bit slower but no harder. I should be picking up my naalbinding and doing more practice on that. Its not like I’m spinning towards any particular project. Although my linen spindle is full… I need to decide whether I am going to ply it any and take it off the spindle so that I can start on the next batch. So lots of mentally easy thngs to do with myself – a bit more productive than watching TV anyway.

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