Scanning our past

So my big(ish) thing at the mo’ is scanning slides. This may sound like a work task, and yes I’m making use of the libraries’ A3 scanner as our at home scanner can’t do slides. Scanning slides is a bit different because you have to have a light-source to shine through the slide. Anyway I have done three boxes so far out of, oh I don’t know, maybe twenty or so.

Its been quite interesting because they are all from different eras. The first lot were earlyish (developed January 1974) pictures of me with Matt and Chris at Mosgiel & Purakanui and also swimming around with David and Peter Hopman in their pool and included this one of my father (Johnny de Maar)

The second box contains photos from Springfield era – I’m actually not too sure when exactly, but they included this gem of my wee sisters, Lu (bikini) and Kate (centre) and Jessica (in the hat).

Its a real journey of discovery. Box three has photos from 1967 – the year before I was born, including streetscapes of Wellington. As usual it’ll be on my flickr site, just as soon as Telecom shows me how to upgrade to the Pro account I am supposed to get with our broadband account.