Great to eat, great to meat?

Food is always fairly high on my mind. Lets face it no one like to be hungry and I find that getting really ravenous tips me over into fatigue pretty quickly – I guess I get a bit stressed about it. Anyway there’s a couple of things that I’ve been thinking about with food recently.

The first is that we had a fab night out with Jenni and friend at Restaurant Schwass last Wednesday evening. We all had the 7 course degustation menu although Nick and I forewent the wine matches. It was a very enjoyable evening although I was a bit tired at the beginning and went downhill from there. It was interesting being able to discuss each item with everyone because we were all having the same things. I think that over the course of the seven courses we had: squid, chorizo (several times sort of as a garnish), quail, duck, lamb, rabbit (divine), salmon, cod not to mention the cheese (3 year old Gouda) and dessert (appley) courses. It was almost midnight by the time I got to bed.

Not that we eat out all the time but for a long time our favourite restaurant was Indochine and from there we’ve sort of moved with Tony to Chinwag and now he’s opened a Spanish/Middle eastern restaurant Estudio-S. Definitely one of my favourite cuisines, Pedros and Samis have long been on my short-list of places to eat in Christchurch so hoping to add this to the list.

I’ve also been watching with interest the brouhahah about intensive pig farming methods. We hardly ever buy supermarket meat anymore, mostly a bit of chicken, and our latest pork purchases apart from bacon were from Sarah and Rob, so ‘happy’ pigs. I’ve been a little surprised at the surprise, I guess. I thought that the SAFE people had done a pretty good job of publicising the sow boxes issue by picketing supermarkets etc and (as we all tend to do) expected that if I knew about it then most people did. Of course the piggery concerned wasn’t breaking any laws – that’s their whole point… that this kind of thing is allowed by the law.

I have to admit to having long had a soft spot for pigs. I think that it dates back to childhood and the Sheats’ always had pigs which we got to feed sometimes. They always make me think of dogs, you know, in their behaviour. They liked a good scratch behind the ears. I find it a bit odd that we’re happy to pay extra for free range eggs – pigs always have struck me to be a lot more personable than chickens.

Anyway, I can report that our highland cattle are very happy with their 2.5 acre paddock and not at all concerned by the snow report… sun’s just come out of a patch of blue sky between the clouds.

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  1. I miss my pigs. They were all very happy pigs (although some for less time then others).



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