happy boxes

Its interesting being in the book industry at the moment – stuck between a library community that varies wildly between head-stuck-in-sand, desperation and optimistic-early-adoption, a publishing industry that seems intent on the former, rather like the music industry and so-called tech companies suddenly getting in on mass-digitisation programmes.

I’ve noticed that I hardly ever buy books from bookshops in town any more. To be honest I’ve never been a huge book buyer as much of my fiction reading was borrowed from family/friends and my SCA reading from libraries. But often I can’t get the material I want from our library (yeah no perks for working for it I’m afraid) and the very same holds true for local bookstores… even the very good ones.

Nope, most of my book purchases these days arrive in a happy box from Amazon – their boxes have a long curvy arrow on the end that looks like a smile. For the following reasons:

  • they have books I want
  • its easy and fast (delivery in under a fortnight usually
  • I don’t have to deal with grumpy/disinterested ‘assistants’, many of whom have no idea how to find items in their own system
  • as the books I want generally ahve to be brought in anyway Amazon is usually way cheaper

and now I can add stuff I want from other sites to my wishlist I’m using it even more. Although LibraryThing also now lets you have a list of books that you want. while I love LibraryThing I do wish that it would encompass my whole library – not just books. I mean, if CCL can stock music (LP, cassette and CD) and video (VCR, DVD) then why can’t my library?