Well (again) its been a while since I blogged last. There are two real reasons for that a) I’ve been very busy at work and tired at home, and b) I’ve been tweeting all the wee things that happen so haven’t felt the urgency to get it all down in a post.

So what’s been happening? Well Zoe’s about 3 weeks due to foal and Twilight has finally been gelded so there’s some progress there. No noticeable improvement with Lil’s leg though. But I’m remembering that when I injured my finger – strained a ligament – it took well over a year to stop hurting and even now I can move that fingertip horizontally way more than any of my other fingers. Um that means moving it out of line with the finger – horizontally isn’t quite right.

Everything is very springy out here – lots of completely adorable lambs with their waggly little tails and in fact more and more without the tails. The magnolia that I bought has flowered in its pot and is almost done and most of our fruit trees are in bloom although I don’t expect to get much this year. Hopefully by the end of this year they’ll be established enought to do some growing and branching. We bought two apples on the weekend – a Cox’s Orange and Peasgood Nonsuch.

Our ideas for the ‘back yard’ are firming up and our next big expenditure will be getting Mark to scrape back the soil and flatten the area which is going to be paved. Then we can do the paving. But before that can happen we need to move Kiwi’s run to around the side of the shed. And before THAT can happen we need to move the stuff (pallets, workshop benches etc) from the side of the shed. And before that… well you get the picture, there’s heaps to do and neither of us are particularly energetic on the weekends really.

Last week Richard from The Glassroom came around and measured us up for a glass splashback in the kitchen. Getting that done will mean that we can get our code of compliance certificate which would be good to have done. He reckoned it would be ready this week. Its going to be another splash of deep blood red (Resene Jalapeno) and should really finish the kitchen.