Kitchen splashback

Kitchen splashback
Originally uploaded by Simone Hindin

Well its finally in and I can say that I am very very happy with it. The colour (resene jalapeno) is just right. Its a bit hard to see in the photos because it picks up so much light – you can even see me taking the photo in the reflection. Also depending on the angle it picks up a bit of the blue from the cupboards but it all works.
Also the Glass Room guys were excellent to work with, such a relief. Anyway now we can get our code of compliance certificate or whatever.

In other house related stuff I’m hoping to get the kitchen blinds cut down as I made them too long – they should be another couple of weeks.

Zoe’s looking very big – her tummy has a distinct bulge at the bottom, but Nick reckons its a couple of days away yet.

And I have nearly completed all the eyelets on my new gown (cote) for the feast this Saturday. Yay.