Baby news

Well Zoe had her foal (still nameless) a wee bay colt (yes another one) at about midday on Thursday October 1. Kiwi and I had just come through the gate back from our walk and they were both lying on the ground. The colt was still covered in the birthing sac but his face was clear so that was OK. Nick hadn’t thought that she was so close to birthing so Twilight Escapade was still in the paddock with her and was pawing at Zoe to get some attention I think, or maybe he was a bit worried. Anyway, I caught him and lead him through to the other side of the electric fence. After this Zoe stood up and everything else fell out the back as it does.

I ran up to the house and called Nick and grabbed my PDA which has our only functioning camera. By the time I got back he was trying to get up and I managed to catch the first wobbly steps. More piccys at Flickr and hopefully video later (our so-called broadband doesn’t have the upload speed so I’ll do it at work).

In other horse related news Nick has just successfully integrated Lad (stallion) into the paddock with Lil and Lightning our two other mares. We had wanted to do this last year but left it a bit late when they were in season and it all ended in chasing and kicking and tears. This time it seems to have gone OK. A few changes to the plan – there were two mares, he was introduced into their paddock rather than the other way around, and they’re not yet in season – although Lil was doing a pretty good impression. This is great because until they’re ready to foal (which hopefully will happen for both of them), they can be moved around as one unit. Plus Lad has company which is nice to him. It will be interesting to see if his behaviour changes (or theirs).